Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Here at the Providence Animal Rescue League, we are very proud that we’re able to adopt so many animals into loving forever homes each year. We thank you all for giving these wonderful animals a second chance at a lifetime of love and happiness! We hope you enjoy the following happy tails as much as we do!

October 2014

Walter's Happy Tail

I adopted Walter (Snowball) last November. Some might remember him as the little white kitten cheering on the RedSox. He was from a litter of all white stray kittens with two toned eyes, and he was the only one with the same color. He has just passed his 1 year birthday in August, and I cannot thank PARL enough for uniting the two of us! He is my precious, little, spoiled, boy and I love him with all my heart! Thank you PARL!

August 2014

Cookie's Happy Tail

Hi there, Just wanted to send you guys an update on Cocoa (fka Cookie)! Our older dog Henry (also a rescue) was a bit lonely after the death of our cat this past spring. This led my husband and I on the search for a new addition to our family. I was looking for an older, smaller dog and lucky for us we found the perfect match - a 7 yr old (blind) pug - we adopted Cocoa on June 14th!

Having a blind dog in the house has taken a little bit of getting used to (for both us and Henry) but Cocoa is fitting right in! She loves going on walks (which she gets twice a day now), taking car rides, going out to eat, hanging out in the backyard, and carrots (since she is on a "little" diet this is her new favorite snack). Henry doesn't let her get too far out of sight and will even share his toys with her!

Sending along some photos! We are so thankful for being able to adopt such a special little dog and looking forward to many more adventures with her!

May 2014

Shaia's Happy Tail

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share some pictures of Shaia (she was Abra ). Shaia has come such a long way and I am so thankful that I came across her picture on your facebook page! She loves basking in the sun, birdwatching and chasing bumblees. At 9 months old and 65 lbs she is such a big baby and has become very comfortable in our home! Thank you for all you do for these animals! We will be in to visit soon!

March - April 2014

Abby's Happy Tail

I met Abby while volunteering at PARL. We went out to the yard to walk around and I pretty much decided that she was the dog I should be adopting. I finished my shift and on my way home said to myself that if she was still there next weekend I would talk to staff about taking her home. Sure enough she was there and the week after that she was home with me. Abby and I are a lot alike: We like long walks in the woods, birds (she wants to chase them, I like to watch them), playing with other dogs, and lounging around on the couch. She is a very gentle dog and loves affection from people, but she is also shy and at times a bit anxious. I've already seen changes in her for the better. She LOVES to play with other dogs at the dog park, especially chase. Her tail goes right up and she has a great big smile on her face. She's also helped me make some changes. Besides having a type of PTSD, I usually suffer from the winter blues, and this year it has been pretty bad. But no matter how dark it is when we get up at 5:30am for walks, or how cold it is outside, Abby always brightens my day.

Here's Abby enjoying her first time at the Bell St Dog Park! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuXP_IoeOXM&feature=youtu.be

February 2014

Babe's Happy Tail

Babe came into my life in June, just shy of a year after the passing of my husband at 32 years old from cancer. We didn't have any children yet, and the loneliness of coming home to an empty house was overwhelming.. I wasn't looking for Babe, but she seemed to be waiting for me.. She nuzzled my hand at the shelter and without any words, made me feel like she understood loss and that we would help each other.. I am so grateful for the gift of Babe in my life. She will never replace Matt, but she reminds me daily that I am loved with every purr..Thank you PARL!!

January 2014

Bedhead's Happy Tail

Last year my Dad, Brother, and I decided to go to the Providence Animal Rescue League to find a dog or cat to adopt. About two years before that we rescued a dog named Beauty. We looked around the dogs and cats but when we were leaving a saw a cute little brown and white head stick out of a pile of hay. I went over to the cage and saw the cutest Guinea Pig! His name was Bedhead. My family and I stayed and watched him for a good 10 minutes before we finally left. I fell in love. Every day I would go online to the PARL website to see if he was still there. One day, the website said he was adopted. When my Dad picked me up that day I told him that Bedhead had been adopted and we should had taken him when we saw him. When we got home I went to my room and there was a second cage next to the one with my other guinea pig. At first I didn’t even notice. When I finally did, sure enough, that same little brown and white head with the different colored eyes was looking back at me. Bedhead and my other pig were always out running around or being held. Bedhead was old but he was always full of life. Over the year my other guinea pig got sick and died. Bedhead got very sad. He wouldn’t come out of his house as much. Later I got three more guinea pigs. He loved them all but none as much as my first. One of the guinea pigs I had became a daddy. I didn’t have the extra room and the owners of the mother couldn’t keep him. So, Bedhead got a roommate. Bedhead was so good with the baby. He even let the little guy stay in his igloo. This past June Bedhead past away. We miss him very, very much.

December 2013

Taz's Happy Tail

I thought I would send you a picture of my funny girl Taz who we adopted from PARL over two years ago. Every evening she takes up her perch on the back of the loveseat and makes us smile with her snoring and other funny noises. She is a joy and I truly feel she keeps our older dog Bandit who is 12 or so (also a rescue) young! Thanks to PARL we have a little bed hog, walking buddy and all around great dog!

November 2013

Sox's Happy Tail

My fiancé and I moved in together about three years ago. I would say about six months later we started talking about bringing a dog into our home. We talked about the different breeds we liked, and both agreed that a pit bull breed was what we would both be happiest with. After discussing our options we both agreed that we wanted to rescue a dog instead of going through a breeder, it is just a better fit for us. At the time I was a nurse at RIH, and after an overnight shift I went to PARL on the recommendation of a coworker. I had never been into a shelter before, and I can remember the overwhelming feeling of wanting to snuggle every animal in site. However, I walked around for a while with the dogs trying to get my attention by barking and jumping. As I walked past one dog he caught my attention quickly; he did not jump or bark, he just sat down and looked at me. That was when I knew he had picked me. There was no name tag yet, just a number. I asked if I could meet him. The wonderful volunteer working was pleased to assist us. When we were getting to know each other I witnessed him curiously sniffing and searching. I fed him treats and pet him. I also immediately took pictures and started to send them to my fiancé. The next day we both came in to see our future dog, and my fiancé fell in love with him as quickly as I had. We gave him a name, and went through the steps to be able to take him home. To this day we both say bringing Sox home was the best choice we've ever made. We also know that we did not choose him, he chose us. We couldn't be happier, or have brought a more amazing dog into our home. Thank you PARL for all of your amazing work you do, and for bringing him into our lives!

October 2013

Zena's Happy Tail

New Year's 2001, my mother-in-law Kathy decided to go to PARL to adopt a dog for my fiancé's Grandpa. She found Zena, roughly about two years old when she was adopted. For twelve years she had a wonderful life with Grandpa, going for walks with him, keeping him company since he lost his wife. Sadly, for our family and Zena, we lost Grandpa March 14, 2012 so my fiancé and I took her into our home. She's now fifteen years old. She such a lovable dog. She loves running around in the yard. Due to age, her long walks have now become short walks but she still loves every second of it. She loves babies and playing with the other dogs we have in the family. She's an amazing dog, and we love her so much.

The Love-LaRouche Family

August 2013

Amber's Happy Tail

We are so happy to have Amber in our home. We had originally gone to the PARL because my daughter wanted to play with the dogs, and since my husband is severely allergic this is the only chance she has to see or play with dogs. After saying a hello to the dogs at the rescue she had asked to see the kitties. My husband was the first to notice Amber reaching her paws out to touch my daughter. Amber truly did pick our family. It was love at first sight, however we had not discussed going home with a kitty and we have two other male cats at home that we were concerned about. After some reassuring Amber came home with us that day. She fit in right away with ALL of our family. We have 3 other children in addition to our two year old so we have a lot of people/pets to be concerned about when bringing in a new family member. Amber is great with everyone. She has no problems getting along with the other kitties or other children. She loves to play dress up with our two year old. Our two year old will often play baby with her and Amber soaks up the attention and doesn't even mind being pushed around in a baby carriage. Most cats would protest to having children carry them around and dress them up but Amber is so laid back and it doesn't seem to bother her to be in a dress sipping "tea" at one of our two year kids tea party. We are thrilled to have her in our home.

The Pagliarini Family

June 2013

Cleo's Happy Tail

Particularly because the breed tends to get such a bad rap, I wanted to share with the story of Cleo, a pit bull that we adopted from PARL almost 3 years ago.

Our other dog, Trolla (also adopted from PARL many years ago), was getting old and we wanted to get another dog while she was still with us –partly to lessen the blow of losing her, but also so that she could “teach” the new dog how to be as great as she was! We looked online at the dogs available for adoption at PARL, and Cleo’s picture caught my attention. Then I read her profile: adopted and returned, TWICE. Yikes. Seemed like a huge red flag, so we kept looking.

A week or so later we stopped into PARL to say hi to the dogs, meet them in person, and again I saw Cleo and I was drawn to her. But then I reread her profile, so we forced ourselves to look at the other dogs. But ultimately we knew the match just wasn’t right with the other dogs, and time and again my husband and I found ourselves talking about Cleo. After multiple additional visits, we decided that Cleo was our girl! Since she had been adopted and returned twice, and we can’t begin to imagine how tough that must have been for her, a trial run was not an option for us. Once we took her home it would be official: she’s ours (for better or worse).

The reason she had been returned by both previous owners was because they claimed she was unable to be house trained. We crate trained her from day 1 and she never had an accident! Cleo and Trolla became instant BFFs and they loved to play together. Though Trolla needed to maintain her dominance, she welcomed Cleo into the family with ‘open paws.’

Trolla passed away at the end of last summer, and we were all very sad, especially Cleo. She wasn’t herself for some time, as I think she needed time to adjust to being the only dog in the house, and to process that Trolla wasn’t coming back. Fast forward a few months, she was back to her perky self and back to doing all the things that make her so great:

She loves to cuddle, in fact she’s curled up on the couch with me right now as I type this. She is extremely patient with our 21 month old son who is not too terrible to her, but is after all, a toddler. Her favorite ‘game’ to play is tug o’ war with a toy. She’s super sweet to every person she meets, and almost as sweet to every dog she meets. She loves our walks through Pawtuxet Village. She has a couple of quirks like when you give her a dog biscuit she tosses it around the house, pouncing on it as you might imagine a cat would pounce on a mouse. And how she loves a fire in the fireplace so much that she practically climbs in!

Cleo has captured our hearts, and we could not ask for a better, sweeter, or gentler companion.

Cleo's family shared a really sweet photo story with us. Take a look at Cleo's Happy Tail Photo Story:)

May 2013

Stanley & Kato's Happy Tail

Just thought I would share a picture of my PARL alumni. Stanley is the black and now gray one; Kato is the German Shepherd. Both were adopted in June of 2000. Initially I was interested in Kato but he had a pending application. I took Stanley, formerly Blue, home and didn't think much more about Kato. A few years later I found myself in a new job and became friends with a man whose wife has adopted Kato!! I volunteered to take Kato while the couple, who were building a new house, were temporarily staying at his mom and dad's. Needless to say he's been with us ever since!! Imagine the probability that the dog I initially wanted would end up with me after all! Both are getting up in age, Stanley who just turned 15 in January is the sweetest dog I've ever known. He even has his own cat who nuzzles right next to him during the night. Kato is right behind Stanley approaching 14. He tolerates Stanley's cat (who incidentally was also adopted from PARL) but occasionally he shows her who is boss. I can't imagine life without them!
Barbara McArdle

April 2013

Sammy's Happy Tail

Editors note: Last month, I had the pleasure of corresponding with Sammy's owner, Arlene. She had sent me a short note with a friendly update to say that Sammy was doing fine. I asked her if she would share a few more words about Sammy so I could feature him in the April e-newsletter. Arlene was estatic. She said "I am more than happy to share my story, and I also hope more people open their homes to the shelter animals! I will say Hi to Sammy for you! I am looking forward to next month's enewsletter!!! Our family is very excited!"

She said she wasn't that good of a writer but I told her if it came from the heart then it was good enough for us. She sent me a loving message and I put it aside for the featured Happy Tail. A week later, I got a message from Arlene saying that Sammy passed away unexpectedly during the night. Her whole family was devastated.

I asked her if I could still share Sammy's story with our readers. That he may not be with us any longer but his spirit will live on and in that I believe we should celebrate. She agreed and said "With all my heart I agree with you, their spirit lives on, and we should celebrate the unconditional and pure love that they gave us! Please do share Sammy’s story... it would be an honor! Thank you for everything! Thank you for giving us the great pleasure of adopting our beloved Sammy!"

Following are Arlene's loving words about her beloved cat, Sammy a few weeks before he passed away...


Sammy came into our family in Spring of 2007 when he was 6.5 years old. He had been at the shelter for over 9 months, the previous owners had surrendered Sammy to the shelter because they had another cat, it happens to be that Sammy loves his furry companion Isis, our now 7 year old female cat, who also came from PARL in 2006!

It was love at first sight… this beautiful 23 pound and 31 inch long cat made eye contact with my daughter and me, no words were said he immediately began purring so loud, we just fell in love! He purred during the entire ride home and once we got home he made himself comfortable as if he lived there his entire life. Sammy knew he found the perfect home as we knew we found the purrfect kitty… Sammy is a big cat who is also known as “Sammy The Beast”… he has nothing but love to give!

Thank You,

Rest in peace, Sammy. We are so thankful that you were adopted from our shelter and got to spend your life with such loving people as Arlene and her family.

March 2013

Bruschi's Happy Tail

Dice & Toby

Toby, the handsome orange guy pictured here, was originally one of the cats at PARL. We tranferred him to the MSPCA since they had someone who was looking for Barn Cats. We thought he would be the perfect match and thankfully, he was. Here is the "happy tail" letter that the new owner sent to the folks at the MSPCA, along with some great pics of them in their new home!

Hi Michael and Maya,

I just wanted to thank you once again for all your coordination in locating the “perfect” barn cats for us. After doing significant polling for new names, we decided to keep the names that they came with. Dice and Toby have settled in very well at our barn. I bought this diffuser and spray called “Feliway” and Dice has not sprayed once! He is just a ball of energy and is so social and affectionate – he makes a wonderful addition to our barn. He especially likes “out” time when I allow him and Toby to be out in the closed up barn (instead of the tack room). He scratches poles, climbs up everything, scampers around at about 50 mph and has quickly gotten accustomed to the horse and pony.

Toby has mellowed out a lot since he got here. He allows us to pat him and pick him up and is starting to trust that we won’t hurt him. In the past two weeks he has become quite affectionate – greeting us and hanging around for his head scratches, and even climbing on to my body and snuggling up with me while I sat in the tack room. He spends a majority of his day lounging around on his favorite mat and he LOVES breakfast and dinner time. He especially enjoys “out” time and spends a majority of his time on the huge hay pile in the hayloft. Besides the heated tack room, the hayloft is his special place and he looks like the perfect barn cat all snuggled in the bales of hay. Toby has established a morning routine during his “out” time which is started off by pooping in the horses’ stall and digging through their shavings. He is still a bit leery of the horse and pony, but he has begun to quietly slink into the barn when they are there and just watch them. When he got more comfortable he became much more playful and we have seen him and Dice wrestle around and playfully chase each other. They make the biggest racket running around in the hayloft together – it sounds like I have two ponies running around upstairs! Toby even calls for Dice when he is in the hay loft and Dice is down stairs as if to say –“Come up here with me.”

Last night, on the eve of their five week anniversary with us, they finally did their job and caught their first mouse. It was still alive, but playing dead so I felt badly for it and scooped it up to release it outside (I know it will probably come back in). Dice was very confused and I think a bit miffed that I took his trophy away. We made up for it, though, with a lot of praise and safe kitty treats.

I have included a link to pictures of our barn kitties settling in to their new digs. I hope you enjoy them.


March 2013

Bruschi's Happy Tail

Hi! Bruschi is a great addition to our family!!I now can't imagine a day without his big kisses and wagging tail. He is funny, playful and LOVES to cuddle with us and his sister Frannie. Toys, treats and running around the yard with his sister are some of his favorite activities. The adoption experience was great and went smoothly thanks to his foster mom Candace. She answered all of my questions, and helped us to introduce Frannie and Bruschi, and all of her advice and help really made the transition easier.

Thank you for taking care of him and bringing us this fun little guy!

Ashley and Pat

p.s. This is the first photo is Pat and Bruschi-the day we adopted him. We are actually right in front of PARL.

February 2013

Meatball's Happy Tail

I want to say Thank You for all you do for these beautiful animals that need good homes. I have been adopting my pets from PARL for many years. My newest adoption is my cat Meatball. I was feeling the loss of my cat Sam that past this summer (13yrs old) and I knew just where to go to fulfill my loss. 3 weeks ago I came back to PARL in hopes of a good match for me and my family. Well I had no doubt that I would find a new friend. I saw Meatball and I knew I had to have him. Meatball is a sweet, loving, beautiful cat that has warmed upvery quickly to everyone including my dog which I adopted at PARL . I think my dog, Autumn is very happy to have a new playmate also. I find that when adopting a pet from the shelter, they seem to be aware of what you have done and really appreciates it. (could be all in my mind). Thank you again! I have attached pictures of both Meatball and Autumn which both came from PARL.

thank you again

January 2013

Peanut's Happy Tail

It's Peanuts first Christmas with us and we wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Peanut joined our family on New Years Eve 2011! You opened your doors just for us to bring him home. Thank you so much.. He's been a pure love!! Nancie and Troy Mandeville :)

December 2012

Emmy's Happy Tail

To everyone at PARL,

Back in April of 2010, I was mourning the loss of our dear 12-year old Cocker Spaniel, Maddie Mae, who died a few months before and the loss of my best girlfriend, who passed just a few weeks before. Being so sad and lonesome, I went to PARL hoping to adopt a puppy from a litter shown on your website, but since all the puppies were already spoken for, I left my application on file. While I did not specify a special breed, I received a call from PARL a few days later telling us that a 3-year old female Cocker was surrendered because of her family’s financial situation and was ready to be adopted. My husband and I rushed there just before closing and immediately fell in love with EMMY, a black and white parti-color Cocker and arranged to pick her up the following day.

We could not have imagined what a wonderful, loveable, dog she would be. Emmy just loves everyone, even the mailman. When we are out walking and she spots his truck, she waits patiently, wagging her tail and waits for him to give her a treat! Our 9 year old grandson has so much fun playing with her and her favorite stuffed toy named “LAMMIE.” Every morning she greets us by getting Lammie from her toy basket signaling the official start of another day. She is just as happy to be cuddling on her couch giving and getting kisses.

I do believe Emmy was truly sent as a gift from above to help us heal from our losses. We just want you and her previous family to know we have given her a great home, but she has given us so very much more-LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE. THANK YOU, PARL!!!

Marie and Anthony Lisi

November 2012

Dutchess's Happy Tail

Hi...my name is Jozette. My partner and I adopted a senior dog, Dutchess, from PARL four years ago. She was nine years old then, and she is now at least 13, possibly 14. I wanted you guys to know how much joy she’s brought to our lives. We moved back to Seattle, so her old bones don’t have to deal with extreme cold anymore. She is in excellent health, although she has slowed down a little. Anyway, I came across a Flicker link and saw her shelter pictures, and I just knew I had to let you all know that she was okay. I hope this will encourage more people to give the old boys & girls a chance. Thank you for all you do.

October 2012

Dude's Happy Tail!

12 years ago my husband and myself bought our very first house, I asked my husband if we could get a kitty..he said yes..I went to parl looking for a kitten and came home with a 2 year old 23 pound cat! As soon as I saw him, I knew he was mine..Beautiful blue eyes and huge double paws..THE most beautiful, wonderful cat I've ever known!! His name was oscar at the shelter, we changed it to ozzy, but we called him “dude” most of the time!! 3 weeks ago, I found he had passed away in his sleep at almost 15..he was such a part of my life, to this day, I never understood how someone gave him up!! thank you parl for giving me 12 years with my dude!!

September 2012

Riley's Happy Tail!

Hubby and I adopted a pittie from you 8 years ago. He has been with us ever since and has helped us raise our daughter, now 7, and has also been best buds with his little brother, a 12 year old Jack Russell, and also to a rescued feral cat, Sunny, age 7.

We just wanted to share a success story about this abused and misunderstood breed. I'm a big pit bull advocate and take any chance I can get to spread the good news about this wonderful breed. His physical scars from his former owner/abuser are still there, but they've been gone from his mind, because he is the funniest, most loving, cuddly dog ever and still going strong. He loves to lie in the sun on our deck and sleeps with us in our bed at night.

Thank you for letting us have him. Here's a very recent pic.

Grateful and satisfied customers
Christine, David and Faith

August 2012

Benny's Happy Tail!

When we came to sign the final adoption papers for Benny I must have promised three different people that I would keep them updated on the little man.

I can't say much except that Benny is doing so well and I think he is one happy pup. He makes me laugh out loud at least once a day with his sweet smile and his incredible way to communicate through his ears, snorts and wet nose (usually on your cheek or elbow---asking for attention). He has learned to use steps to get on the couch so there is no stopping him from snuggling all the time! I have attached photos that I think will speak for themselves. Please share with anyone who might be interested. We love him so much, thank you!

July 2012

Mooks Happy Tail! - adopted 2005

Greetings. I keep meaning to actually send you a letter, but this will have to do. Mooks ( while at the shelter he was known as Jack ) is a happy, loving dog, with bad breath and a great temperament.

I envy his life.

In the morning he gets to go to the backyard where he is greeted by the kitty, at one time a homeless cat here in Georgetown, TX. She adores him and he just kind of puts up with here. Then, depending on the day, he may go to work with me, which affords him the opportunity to run around on 6 acres, bark at turkey buzzards, and chase diesel big rigs coming into the yard. After that he gets to spend 4-6 hours at home, sometimes inside, sometimes outside.

The best part is in the evening where we go for a 2-5 mile hike on our ranch. He favorite activities on these hikes include chasing deer, climbing rocks, drinking from the creek, peeing on everything and staring over the edge of cliffs. Then it’s off to bed where somehow magically, come morning time, I am about to fall off my bed, while he is sprawled.....I have a king-sized bed and I’m not making this up. He starts of sleeping on one end, I on the other, and in the morning I’m hugging the edge.

In short, I cannot think of a better life for a dog. So thank you all for your tremendous work, and enjoy the pictures of a happy ranch dog.

June 2012

Hanna's Happy Tail!

I was just at the PARL website because my partner and I are looking to adopt a dog, and I stumbled upon the Happy Tails portion of your website; it made me smile thinking of our own Happy Tail, and I decided to share.

Nearly 10 years ago now, our two longtime dogs passed away within a year of each other. We went for a while without any dogs, and when we decided it was too quiet without one, I, then twenty, was tasked with finding the perfect rescue dog.

We ended up at the PARL one weekend, and as we were walking out, a woman walked in with three yellow-lab mix puppies. I filled out the application immediately, and 6 weeks later, we brought our little Hannah Banana home.

Hannah has been a smart, fun, and adorable dog from day one. She is spoiled rotten. She has a basket full of toys and is the first dog we have ever had that actually hunts through her basket for one particular toy she wants to play with. If you ask her, "where's your Easter baby" she will bring you her bunny rabbit, etc.

She loves attention, and if you are not paying attention to her, she will insist on bringing you every toy from the basket, or she lays down and keeps tapping your leg with her paw. She demands "dessert" after dinner, and stands by the treat jar, patiently staring at it until someone gives her a bone.

She walks three miles nearly every day, and we can't say the word "walk" or even put on sneakers without her getting excited. She knows her favorite people's cars, and if they drive by or someone honks, she just gets so excited she can't even stand herself. She loves riding in the car, and my dad often takes her on "business trips"-- you just have to say those two words and she goes crazy.

I could go on about her, obviously. She is a part of the family. I always say that if everyone got as excited about seeing me as she does, I would have sky-rocketing self esteem!

Now that I own my own home, I'm hoping to find a good pal like Hannah for our little family.

Thank you for the work you do and providing such great companions to families like ours!

P.S. Hannah is the yellow lab in the photo, hanging out with Cleo, my brother's dog. That jingle collar is her favorite part about Christmas. She wakes up every morning and stands under the hook it is on, waiting for it to be put back on her.

May 2012

Spence's Happy Tail!

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the email. Spence is doing great! He is probably the gentlest cat I have ever met. He has never once hissed, growled, scratched, or been aggressive at all, even though he was very frightened when he first moved in. And he's a cuddlebug! His "move" is to walk over to me when I'm in bed, flop down on his back next to me, and get belly rubs. I've never met a cat who loved having his belly rubbed so much! He's so beautiful and so sweet! He spends his days in different windowsills around the house or napping on the bed, and he spends his nights sleeping on my pillow above my head. He's still a little jumpy and he's definitely not into meeting other people right now, but I know he'll warm up to it eventually, the way he has with Jon and I. We really couldn't have asked for a better,sweeter kitty and we're happy he's part of our family now :) Also, we're gonna get him a buddy soon so he can have some company and a partner-in-crime!

Thanks for everything you guys do. You're awesome!

April 2012

Sammy & Snoopy's Happy Tail!

Our family is decidedly a "dog" family - my Mom and I can't resist fawning over the various dogs we see walking down Main Street, stopping their owners and gathering details on said dog's name/age/breed/personality trait (luckily most dog owners are equally psyched about their pets, otherwise I'm afraid we'd come off as bothersome such is our enthusiasm). The Westminster Dog Show is an event in our household, and ASPCA ads on TV result in a frenzy to grab the remote and change the channel, my mother promptly retrieving the checkbook.

Naturally, a family such as ours requires their own dogs and we were blessed enough to grow up with two amazing Cocker Spaniels - Daisy was an ex-show dog, complete with a Marilyn Monroe-esque beauty mark below her nose who had a penchant for eating lipstick. In car rides she insisted my father put his hand over her paw, batting his knee to get his attention. We also had Nike with us for thirteen years, without a doubt the love of my life. Fiercely loyal and pensive, my "little bear" sat on my lap for hours straight as I battled the perils of middle school and kept my mom sane as we all went off to college. Both passed unexpectedly, leaving us heartbroken and more than anything, resistant to getting more dogs. As my father simply stated, "why put your hand in the meat grinder again?"

Two years passed, and while there would be the occasional suggestion of possibly getting a new puppy, we continued without - water bowls, crates, and leashes were sadly packed away and we slowly got used to leaving groceries on the counter and dinner on the table without pushing in our chairs (how many times did we find Nike on that table?). Eventually though, my mom discovered Facebook and along with it, the PARL webpage.

Although the idea of adoption from a shelter was completely foreign, it nonetheless intrigued us. While I took to browsing through the dog photos and bombarding my mom with emails about the younger dogs, she surprised us all by announcing that she was interested in going to the shelter to see Snoopy, a nine year old beagle. Not only was he a senior dog, but he was overweight and on life long thyroid medication. As awful as it sounds, after enduring the pain of losing two dogs, he didn't seem the best choice. Nonetheless, my mom was insistent, constantly flashing Snoopy's photo on her Ipad in our direction, and after a few weeks of thinking it over, yours truly, my sister and dad headed down to PARL.

My first thought upon seeing Snoopy was that he was adorable yet utterly distracted by the prospect of his morning meal, pulling on the leash and snorting eagerly. While my dad found him funny and charming, I was soon distracted by another senior beagle in the kennel next to Snoopy, who seemed his antithesis - Sammy was calm and gentle and poked his little damp nose through the bars and nuzzled my hand rather forlornly. While their personalities distinguished themselves immediately, they did strangely share many common qualities: both were beagles, seniors, on life long medication, and both had previously lived with two different families before arriving at the shelter. While at home we pretended to try and decide between the two, we all knew what the obvious outcome would be - we'd adopt both.

Their first few months at home weren't the easiest - we discovered that Sammy had a malignant tumor two months after his adoption. When we brought him home the day after his operation, he wandered the house a bit disoriented before curling up in my mom's lap and immediately falling asleep. Thankfully, his cancer is now in remission and both have settled wonderfully into our family. They enjoy long twice a day walks around the neighborhood (Snoopy has lost six pounds - gone is the chubby little beagle seen in his PARL photo) - and have their own flannel bed and fleece blankets to snuggle in to at night. Their personalities have also shone through - Snoopy or "Snooperman" is extremely independent and while he originally wasn't very used to giving and receiving affection, he has since learned to cuddle and be cuddled. He also tends to make rather endearing snort-y sounds at the sight of food which never fails to make us laugh. Sammy on the other hand has completely taken to my mom - at the sight of her his whole face seems to soften and rearrange, so much so that even the electrician who spent the day working at our house pointed it out. He is happiest with his head on her knee. Both also enjoyed their first Christmas with us, patiently donning belled red velvet collars, and also spent their first summer in Narragansett at the beach. They've also both come to expect “snack time” at a certain hour – at exactly noon both wait expectantly under the cabinet where their cookies are stored, eagerly craning their necks in my mom's direction.

In short, we love love love these dogs and are so happy and grateful that PARL took care of them while they waited for us. What I've taken from this experience is a simple, if not very eloquent, conclusion - without getting too preachy, I'll say that in the midst of all the tragedy and sadness around us, what we can best hope for is to start without our own little corner of the world. After all, humans are the only beings capable of actively putting care, time, and resources into charity, capable of putting change into motion. If you're receiving this letter, it is not too far of a stretch to assume that animals and their welfare holds a special place in your personal philosophy, and thus I encourage you to do your small part, to tend to your corner of the world through volunteering, adoption, or donation to PARL. I fear this letter has gotten far too long so I'll stop now ;)

Lots of love from my family and Snoopy and Sammy,

Note from the folks at PARL: The story of Snoopy and Sammy was one that touched us all. This lovely family who saw something special in two senior dogs were chosen to represent PARL in our 2012 annual spring appeal. If you are on our mailing list then you should receive our spring appeal by the end of April. If you would like to join our mailing list and receive the spring appeal, please email Blake at bgoldberg@parl.org. Would you like to support PARL and the thousands of "Happy Tails" that we will create this year? Make a secure online donation today! We welcome you to our pack!

March 2012

Lucy's Happy Tail!

Lucy is a doll. She is a great pet, she acts more like a dog. She will bring a cat toy over to one of kids wanting them to play with her. She climbs on top of the bunk bed to snuggle at night and the girls LOVE her. If the girls are playing in their room she always follows them in and will climb in the toy wagon and she loves when they take her for a ride in it. They say she is the best pet they have ever had.

I am attaching some pictures of her. She loves sitting on their tea party table and watching them while they play.

This is my 4th cat I have adopted from PARL and I am pleased with our experience. One died shortly after I got him from FIV (he was negative when he was tested but it was so soon into his infection that it wasn't detected), one just died this past summer of cancer, she was 12 and Gracie is still with us at 11 years old.

We actually drove way out of our way even though there are shelters closer to us.

Thank you so much for checking in with us.

February 2012

Ruby's Happy Tail!

This is Brandon's mom, JoAnn, and I thought I would give you a quick update on Ruby. Although Brandon and Katelyn actually adopted Ruby, Ruby lives here with me, Brandon and my other son (who is away at college during the week). At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the adoption, especially since she had been at PARL for over 6 months.

Well, let me tell you...... we could not have a better, nicer, prettier, well-behaved, dog in our home than Ruby. I can't believe that nobody else picked her, but thank goodness no one did, because now she is ours, and we love, love, love her. Now I know why she barked at everyone when they approached her. She loves to sleep all day and didn't want her sleep interrupted!! She has the prettiest face, she is very gentle and loves to have her ears rubbed. She has adjusted very well to our home and our lifestyle and the most mischief she ever got into was getting caught taking a nap in a basket of clean clothes!! Even though she has a big comfortable bed just for herself, she chooses to share Brandon's twin bed with him, most of the time taking up all the room! Brandon doesn't mind, so the two of them sleep comfortably all night.I am so delighted that we have Ruby in our home. I still wonder why she had to spend all those long lonely months at the shelter, and why no one saw what Brandon saw in her sweet little face. All I know is that I am very happy that Ruby is now a part of our family and that she can share the rest of her life with us, who just love her so much. Thanks so much for letting us adopt her.

January 2012

Young Bob Dylan's Happy Tail!

Sorry my response has taken so long. We wanted to find the perfect picture to send in! Bugs has actually been renamed "Young Bob Dylan" - aka YBD, Bob, and Bob-ayyyy. We named him Young Bob Dylan because of the adorable tuft of hair on the top of his head, not dissimilar to a mohawk. He looks exactly like a poster of Bob Dylan that has been hanging on my wall, hence the name.

Bob is extremely happy and spoiled rotten in his new home. His new cage is a massive dog crate in our living room, and when we're home he has the freedom to roam, flip, jump, and frolic around the living room as he pleases. (Thank god he's liter box trained!) Everyone loves Bobby - he's sure to a put a smile on any face that walks in the room. Adopting YBD has been a great experience for my roommate and I. He provides our home with unconditional love and endless entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, he totally belongs in a traveling circus where he might be able to share his ninja-like acrobatic skills with the world. We have yet to catch this on film, but I promise I will send a video when we do!

Although losing Midnight was tragic, we are glad that we were able to give Midnight a loving home at the end of her life and still have the chance to bring Bob into ours. Bob is an incredible fit and we have no regrets about how we handled our adoption situation. Thank you for everything. We love PARL and will continue to recommend your shelter to anyone who is looking to adopt.

Best wishes, Sunny-Dae Larson
and Kirsten Fountain

December 2011

Sasha's Happy Tail!

Thank you for following up with us. It would be an understatement to say that we are overjoyed with the addition of Sasha to our family. If we had to make a list of all the attributes we would like in a dog, she surpasses everything we could have hoped for. Aside from being physically beautiful, she is sweet, gentle, loving and so much fun! She has added an enormous amount of happiness, joy and laughter to our lives. I have attached several photos that will hopefully give you an idea of how well she has adjusted to her new home. I hope that there is some way that the family that had to give her up can be reassured that she is doing so well and to thank them on our behalf for allowing Sasha to enrich our lives.

Take Care,Vicki & Cliff ☮

November 2011

Tyson's Happy Tail!

Tyson (formerly Triton) is doing amazingly well. Life with Tyson was a little crazy at first, but after learning to live with his long list of food allergies and affinity for eating shoes, we've all finally gotten into a a nice groove. He is such a cuddly baby.. and by baby, I mean 52 pound pit mix. Yes, he has gained almost 20 pounds in the last 5 months! Tyson is just finishing up his training class, which has only showed us that he's much smarter than he looks! He is great with other dogs, and loves to spend hours at the local dog park.

When I first saw Tyson at PARL, curled up in that small concrete cage, my heart went out to him. That was no way for any animal to live. I came back three times that week, just to go in the back room and pet him (I'm a creepster, I know), my heart breaking each time I had to leave. We were finally able to take him home that weekend, and we've loved every minute since. He is absolutely the baby, he knows it, and he just basks in it (even insisting on sleeping between us in the bed every night!)

You know those animal paw-shaped bumper stickers that read "Who Saved Who?" I never fully understood what that meant until Tyson came into my life. Thank you for allowing us to save each other!

Eternally Grateful,
Kate Perduta & Wederson Silva

October 2011

Ginger's Happy Tail!

To all at P.A.R.L,

Thanx so much for helping us find Ginger (formerly Sasha). After the loss of our sweet girl Missy to cancer, a black and white pitty mix which we adopted 8 years ago, we never thought we would fall in love again with another dog. But we decided we needed to entertain the thought of a wagging tail again...I think we needed that. We went to P.A.R.L. with hopes of finding that right sweetheart again and along came Sasha. Luckily, Sasha had only been there for a few weeks and it became clear to us on that visit that she was the one for us! The thing that drew us to her right away was that look in her sweet lovable eyes.....also, we were looking for a dog that would be a good playmate for our daughter Trista Sylvia's dog Isabelle ( formerly Princess) which she and my son-in-law adopted from P.A.R.L. just last year.

As you can tell from the photos...they get along very well and love to play with each other. We both have big fenced in yards and the two of them have fun chewing sticks, fetching toys and just being silly wrestling. It's a lot of fun to watch.....the one thing about those two is that they always look for where the other one is....they're inseparable. Ginger loves to sleep with us on the bed...not too much of of bed hog. She also likes he shoulders scratched...we have a camper and we have taken her camping with us in New Hampshire. She loves the walks and nature all around her. Ginger is a great, loving family dog that we are grateful for. Many thanks to P.A.R.L. and their staff for helping us find our little girl.

Sincerely, Joe and Robin DeRobbio

September 2011

Bo's Happy Tail!

Dear P.A.R.L Staff,

Back in March, I decided I was moving back to Providence after a 5 year stint in Boston. I happened to be visiting my mom in RI, and stopped by PARL to see the dogs, since I knew I would be adopting when I settled in come May. It was then that I met Beckham, and it was love at first sight. He was undergoing heartworm treatment, and my current apartment didn't allow dogs, so it was impossible to adopt him at the time.

I kept tabs on him via your website, and as soon as I moved to my new apartment in May, I ran to see if Beckham was okay and adoptable. I took him home that very day. I started calling him Bo (affectionately called Bogart, Bojangles, Bo-Bo, Boo, and Bo-ster, depending on the mood), and he's turned out to be a completely perfect match for me. I live alone after living with family and/or roommates all my life, and spent the summer working in my little art studio at home.

Bo became the perfect hang-out partner for my lifestyle. He's stubborn and just plain rude at times.... but he's got more personality than I've ever encountered in a dog. He's like a person trapped in a dog's body, and a hilarious roommate! It's only been four months, but already I can't imagine what I'd do without him. He turned out to be a bit of a project manners-wise, but he's worth all the time and effort. He makes me laugh, keeps me company, and I SWEAR we know what each other is thinking, for better or worse. Seriously.... Bo is an amazing dog, and I'm so thankful I found him! Thank you for taking such great care of him while he was with you. We both owe you all a lot of gratitude!

Justine Brown

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