Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Here at the Providence Animal Rescue League, we are very proud that we’re able to adopt so many animals into loving forever homes each year. We thank you all for giving these wonderful animals a second chance at a lifetime of love and happiness! We hope you enjoy the following happy tails as much as we do!

March 2015

Frasier's Happy Tail

We adopted Frasier in December and he has been the perfect addition to our household! He brings us so much joy and laughter, and right away proved to be a fun and friendly companion to our other cat. He is a very gentle and loyal little guy, sleeping at the foot of our bed every night. His previous owners noted that he had litter box issues, but he has not had a single problem since we've had him. The lesson to potential adopters is don't be put off by something you may learn about a pet's history, because they behave differently in different environments and you may be the perfect home for them. Follow your heart and adopt!

February 2015

Bear's Happy Tail

Quite honestly this has been one of the most joyous month of our lives. Bear is the sweetest and funniest dog we've ever known and we just can’t get enough of his adorable face! What I love most is that he has so many different sides to his personality but he completely breaks all of the bad stereotypes surrounding his breed(s).

He can play with the rope for hours on end, loves car rides and walks and is incredibly photogenic (as you can see.) We are still working on training him not to pull on the leash/harness, but he has come a long way in that department. More recently he has shown signs of possible joint pain in his hind left leg. He sometimes struggles with going up the stairs after being taken out, but we are working on getting that resolved as well.

I guess the only thing I regret not asking was for a ‘back story’. He’s quite the crowd fave but everyone asks about his background and I don’t have an answer. In general, he is everything we could ask for in a dog and most importantly, he makes the GREATEST cuddler at bed time :-) Thanks for all you do and when we adopt again, we know where to start our search!

Thanks, Nicole, Emilson & Bear

January 2015

Jiji's Happy Tail

I adopted Jiji "Aka Raphaela" on 11/12/14. I had been following the litter while they were in foster care through a mutual acquaintance. I originally had another kitten in mind but upon meeting her, she had no interest in me. I picked up her little runt sister who immediately started purring. This little love has not stopped purring since! She is such a good girl and my other cats at home welcomed her right in. I was so impressed by the way Parl runs their operation, I've been referring everyone I know there. The care Jiji got before she came to me was incredible. Out of all the adoption processes I've been thru, she is the healthiest kitten I've ever had! Thank you for all the hard work you do... It means a lot more than you will ever know!!

Have you adopted from PARL? Want to share your PARL Happy Tail?

If you’ve adopted a pet from the Providence Animal Rescue League and would like to share your story on our website, please submit your story and photos to Kristina at kmckenzie@parl.org.