Betsy's Fund

Betsy's Fund

By giving to Betsy’s Fund you give a second chance to shelter animals who require medical care, surgery and other treatment before they can be adopted.

About Betsy's Fund

At PARL, we believe that every animal deserves the best chance at a long and happy life. Sometimes animals brought to us require critical medical care beyond what we're able to provide with our limited resources. In response to this need, PARL created Betsy's Fund.

This fund provides veterinary extra care to animals in need. This may include medications, surgery, and treatment that would otherwise be outside of the scope of medical care we are able to provide at PARL. By giving to Betsy's Fund, you help give the most vulnerable of our shelter animals a new lease on life.

Bella's Story

Shortly after arriving at PARL, we noticed Bella's labored breathing and rushed her to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. While many Brachycephalic (short nose) dogs have breathing issues, Bella case seemed especially urgent.

X-rays revealed Bella's elongated soft palate. This condition causes the soft tissue in the back of her throat to obstruct her windpipe.

Bella is barely out of puppyhood - only about 10 months old. She's like other normal youngsters - she wants to run and explore. She wants to leap into your arms for kisses and get into mischief. Sadly, we must restrict Bella from over-exerting herself due to her condition. But there's light at the end of the tunnel for Bella. A soft palate resection could change her life.

Through a donation to Betsy's fund, you'll help sweet Bella have a shot at a normal life. PARL must raise funds to support Bella's consultation with a specialist, and ultimately surgery. After her consultation - we'll determine when her big day will come.