Betsy's Fund

Betsy's Fund

By giving to Betsy’s Fund you give a second chance to shelter animals who require medical care, surgery and other treatment before they can be adopted.

About Betsy's Fund

At PARL, we believe that every animal deserves the best chance at a long and happy life. Sometimes animals brought to us require critical medical care beyond what we're able to provide with our limited resources. In response to this need, PARL created Betsy's Fund.

This fund provides veterinary extra care to animals in need. This may include medications, surgery, and treatment that would otherwise be outside of the scope of medical care we are able to provide at PARL. By giving to Betsy's Fund, you help give the most vulnerable of our shelter animals a new lease on life.

Prince’s Story

Prince was a young, stray cat brought to PARL in February 2018 by a concerned member of the Providence community. He came to PARL with a wound of unknown origin, and so will stay with us for the required holding period for such wounds, and until he's healed. PARL staff and veterinarians also noticed an issue with Prince's eye, and sent him to see a specialist at Eye Care for Animals in Warwick.

From that appointment, which was only possible thanks to Betsy's Fund contributions, PARL learned that Prince had a resorbed cataract and retinal degeneration in his left eye. He had been living outdoors with no vision in the eye at all for quite some time. Rather than keep Prince on a potentially lifelong treatment regimen with uncertain results, his eye was surgically removed. It's only because of our generous Betsy's Fund donors that we're able to provide this extensive, high level of care for our shelter animals!

By giving to Betsy's Fund, you help animals like Prince have another shot at happy, healthy life!