Summer Appeal

Summer Appeal

Looking for a meaningful way to help? Contribute to our Summer Appeal!

We are entirely dependent on YOU for our operations. We receive no local, state, or federal funding, so contributions are our lifeline.

Donations made to PARL support 100% of our work to help animals in need.

You know we take in animals and provide the care and support they need to find new homes. But did you know:

  • Our pet food pantry provided over 2,000 meals last year for pets whose people need assistance.
  • We don’t recognize limits--we work as long as it takes to find animals a new home.
  • Our door is open--no animal who needs our help is ever turned away for lack of space or staff or time.
  • Our support programs to help keep healthy animals in loving homes are growing every year.
  • Every penny of our $1 million yearly budget comes from you--we receive no federal, state, or local government support.

Every month more than 100 animals need us. Will you help us help them?

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