Titan went home!

One day after Christmas, after 133 days at PARL and with the support of thousands of social media fans rooting for him, Titan finally went to his forever home. We could not have wrapped up our holiday season more perfectly than seeing this sweet boy leave with his people...and they could not have been more perfect.

We received the following update came a few days later...We dare you to read it without a single tear.

WE LOVE TITAN SO MUCH!!!!! I have started writing a thank you letter, but there is so much I want to say that I haven't finished it yet. He is amazing, so calm, sweet and funny - and well behaved! He has fit himself right into our family, finding all the softest places in the house. He sleeps a lot, gives kisses on demand and loves to have his chest scratched. We have lots of pictures and will send soon. Thank you to all your staff, especially Chelsea, who patiently answered all my nervous adoptive mom questions. We also can't get over the generosity of people who donated treats, toys, his coat and bed, and a gift card to take him shopping. It's clear that lots of people have been following Titan's story and cheering for him from the sidelines. When we have told people we adopted a dog from PARL, THREE people on separate occasions said "It's not Titan, is it?" Can you believe it? The reactions when we said YES were just like the ones on the adoption video on your Facebook page.

Will write more soon and pics to come - thank you again to everyone at PARL, and to Cassandra Sheridan and Michael Mooney for sponsoring Titan's adoption fee. Their gift means more to us than they can possibly imagine!

Kathy, Fiona and Finn Kelly