Pet Walk 2014!

Pet Walk 2014!

Great day everyone!

What a super event we had this year! Special thanks to everyone in our community who came out to support our fundraising efforts for the animals.

Pics of the day!

Check out all the fun of the!

Canine Costume Contest!

TOP Fundraisers! Here's the scoop on our top fundraisers for Pet Walk this year! Every gift counts, big or small and we're thankful for every dollar that was raised this year for the animals. Great job everyone!
  • 1st Place Individuals - Amanda Doumato $3,157!
  • 2nd Place Individuals – Mary Budlong $1,530!
  • 3rd Place Indivuduals – Heather Tommasiello $1,255!
  • 1st Place Teams - Lemonade Kids $4,100!
  • 2nd Place Teams – Bank of America $4,075!
  • 3rd Place Teams – CBA $995!

    Hope to see you all next year!