Adoption Ambassadors

Adoption Ambassadors play an integral role in finding homes for our shelter dogs by bringing them on day trips or for overnight stays outside the shelter. These trips provide our adoptable dogs with much needed stress-relief outside the shelter walls. Like a foster home, these adventures also provide PARL with valuable information about our dogs outside of the shelter environment. Many members of the community wish to get involved with PARL but cannot commit to a volunteer shift or fostering animals long-term. Our Adoption Ambassador program is yet another vital way to help! Currently, the Adoption Ambassador Program is only open to our canine friends.

Will returning to the shelter cause additional trauma to the dog?

A 2016 study done by Carroll College set out to answer that question! Via urine samples, cortisol levels (the stress hormone) were measured before leaving the shelter, the night before coming back, and the day they were returned. The results showed a dramatic reduction in cortisol levels after just 24 hours of leaving the shelter! Stress levels upon arrival back were around the same as they were before departure. Amazingly, no increases were found!

Great! What are the first steps?

An application can be obtained online or in person. Once completed, interested participants can bring them in during our open hours (Tues, Wed, Fri and Saturday 11-5 and Thursdays 12 – 5) Up to date vaccination records for any animals residing in the home should be turned in with applications.

How soon will I be contacted?

Please give us 3 – 5 business days.

I live out of state, am I able to participate?

Our Adoption Ambassador Program is only open to RI state Residents

Once I am approved, can I come to the shelter to choose a dog or do I need to be scheduled?

A PARL staff member will be in contact to schedule a date and time for your day trip or sleepover. Matches will be made based on the information/preferences collected from your application. Since we are always accepting new dogs/adopting dogs out, availability of dogs may vary. If this is the case, we will notify you and keep your application handy!

I am interested in Overnights Trips. I have a pet(s) is this ok?

Ensuring a safe and successful experience for all is our #1 priority. Those interested in overnight trips must have the ability to safely separate any pets in the household. We ask that your pets do not interact with PARL dogs in the home.

I’m interested in Day Trips. Where am I allowed to bring the dog? Can he/she interact with dogs?

We encourage adventures! You are welcome to bring the dog to any safe/dog-friendly areas within RI. We will provide you with a list of ideas and dog-friendly spots in the city! As a rule of thumb, we ask that you do not allow PARL dogs to
interact with unfamiliar dogs. If you anticipate interaction with a friend or family members dog, please provide us with up to date vaccinations for said dog(s) when application is turned in. Interactions of this kind are subject to approval.

Are there any places I should avoid?

Yes! Participants will be provided with an Adventures: Do’s and Don’ts form

What will pick up/drop off hours be?

Day trips:
Tuesday – Saturday Pick up 9 am – Drop off 12 pm.
Option #1 Saturday 4 pm pick up – Sunday 3 pm drop off
Option # 2 Saturday 4 pm pick up – Monday 8:30 drop off (or by 3:00 pm)
Participants must leave a copy of a valid License or Government issued form of ID

Can one of my family members or friends pick up/drop off the dog?

The same participant(s) must be present when signing dogs out/in.

In the event of an emergency, who will be available to contact?

All Adoption Ambassadors will be provided with an emergency contact list

To apply, please download and fill out our Adoption Ambassador Contract and Adoption Ambassador Application and email both to our Volunteer Coordinator Brittany -

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