Lost & Found Assistance

Lost & Found Assistance

Lost and Found Assistance

If you have found a lost/stray pet:

There are steps you can take to help get the pet back safely with his/her family!

1. If the pet has ID tags, call the contact info on the tag to reach the owner directly.
2. If there is a microchip tag, call the 1-800 number on the tag to speak to the microchip provider.
3. Call your local animal control facility. If you are a Providence Resident:
Providence Animal Control @ 401.243.6040 OR
Providence Non-emergency police line @ 401.272.3121 and dial 0

**If you are not a Providence Resident here is a list of Rhode Island Animal Controls
4. Feel free to call us with any questions/concerns!

If you are not sure whether an outdoor cat in your neighborhood is owned, you can find some helpful guidelines here: Stray Cat Guidelines

Lost Prevention:

The best way to ensure that your pet stays safe at home with you is by making sure they have some form of identification on at all times! A collar and tag with your direct contact information is the most effective way for your pet to find their way home. We also recommend a microchip as a back-up.

***If you’d like to get a microchip for your pet we can do that for you by appointment. Give us a call at 401.421.1399 to schedule and for more information.

If you have lost your pet:

1. Go out and look for your pet in your neighborhood. The sooner the better.
2. Contact friends & family to help with your search.
3. Make posters with the pets’ picture and a contact number where you can be reached at all hours.
4. Call your state and local police stations and the animal control offices in your area. Contact your local animal shelters & humane societies, animal rescue groups, veterinarians, pet stores, animal service businesses, pet stores, kennels, pet sitters & dog walkers, dog trainers, park workers, local city Public Works department (DPW) and state highway departments.
5. Post on Lost/Found registries online, such as RI Lost Pets and Craigslist. Also check these resources for posts from someone who may have found your pet.
6. Contact tattoo registries and your microchip provider.
7. Call us with any questions you may have or advice on what to do!
**If you find your lost pet, remember to take down flyers, update websites, and call people to let them know you've found your lost pet.