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Betsy's Fund

Because Every Animal Deserves a Second Chance

PARL takes in hundreds of animals each year, most of whom require extensive medical care beyond the scope of routine exams and vaccines. From extra diagnostics to medications and even emergency surgeries, Betsy's Fund exists to serve those animals, and ensures that no PARL animal will go without the care they need. 

Veterinary care covered by Betsy's Fund ranges from the common to more rare condition. In the past few years, PARL has ensured animals get the care they need, including:

  • Diagnostic testing (x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests)
  • Antibiotics for infection (upper respiratory, urinary tract, skin, etc.) 
  • Hernia repair
  • Dental cleaning/teeth extraction
  • Entropion surgery (corrects a condition affecting the eyelids) 
  • Special diet  (due to allergies, weight management, etc.)
  • Treatment for Heartworm
  • Treatment for Ringworm
  • Pyometra surgery (due to infection of the uterus)
  • Treatment for Parvovirus 
  • Limb amputation
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery

We believe that every animal in our care deserves access to immediate medical attention, regardless of the cost. As you can imagine, with rising costs related to supply, transportation, and labor shortages across the nation, bills are adding up quickly and forecasting for these expenses is increasingly difficult. In addition, since the start of the pandemic, we've seen a drastic increase in surrendered animals needing urgent or specialized medical care.  Donations to Betsy's Fund are always needed provide a second chance at life for our most vulnerable animal friends.


To ensure your gift is earmarked for Betsy's Fund, please select 'Betsy's Fund' from the drop down menu  on the giving form.



Angie’s soulful eyes are the first thing we noticed when she arrived at PARL...The next thing was the long fluid-filled pocket on the side of her neck. Was it a cyst? No. Was it an infection? No. It turned out to be something rare and more difficult to treat: a Salivary Mucocele.

This condition is the result of saliva accumulation that has leaked into the neck due to an injured salivary gland or duct. The fluid builds up and while it can be regularly drained, it can also become a site of infection and discomfort. Angie’s swelling persisted even after regular draining and we knew we needed to pursue another treatment option.

Angie will undergo a complex and expensive surgery estimated to cost between $3,000-$3,500. Thankfully, the success rate for this surgery is high, and we expect a full recovery for this sweet girl. Can you help Angie overcome this condition so she can go on to thrive in a new chapter of her life?

Your donation to our Betsy’s Fund today will help Angie and will be earmarked for the costs associated with her surgery and care. Thank you!

Help Angie


Meet just a few of the many animals helped through Betsy's Fund



In May 2023, Luna was surrendered to PARL. She had a long and painful history of recurring ear infections. Her ears were scarred and calloused creating 'cauliflower ears' as a result of the many infections and ruptured hematomas. The ear infections just kept forming, causing severe pain and discomfort. Thanks to donations to Betsy's Fund, Luna received successful Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy (TECA-BO) surgery on both ears. She has been recovering well and will soon be on her way with a loving family.



This brave and resilient little 6 month old cat arrived in April 2023. She was a thin stray found near an auto parts store with what we believe were chemical burns all over her body. Thanks to Betsy's Fund support, we were able to provide her with specialized care to ensure that infection was prevented and the burned skin healed. She recovered well and was soon after adopted!



This very sweet and active 1 year old pup was diagnosed with a significant heart condition called Severe Subaortic Stenosis by our veterinary at PARL. After receiving an echocardiogram, we were able to safely neuter him and start him on cardiac medication. Although his life expectancy is uncertain, he definitely doesn’t let that stop him from living life to the fullest! We are so thankful that Bison was adopted into a loving home that will continue his care and shower him with all the love in the time he has left! 



Sweet Chance arrived in October 2022 and needed emergency surgery to remove stones in his bladder and repair an umbilical hernia. Surgery was successful and he was adopted after recovery.  



Miracle was spotted by a passing driver on the side of the road during flash flooding in Providence. Nearly drowned and very cold, she was rescued just in time! Betsy's Fund helped provide supportive and lifesaving care. Today, Miracle is recovering in a foster home as we work through some additional underlying medical challenges. 



A local vet hospital contacted us to help with a pair of kittens dropped off to them in a plastic bag. Upon arrival in our care, both kittens were mewing and eager for love and attention. Both also had active eye infections. Leela's infection was so bad that she needed her eye surgically removed. She recovered well and was adopted through her foster home! 



Mama, a three-year-old terrier mix, was surrendered to our care when her human caregiver became homeless. Upon intake, Mama had an infected toe, a dental infection,  some eye troubles, and needed to be spayed. Mama's eye condition worsened and our vet  recommended removing the eye surgically to avoid further pain and complications. Mama recovered well from surgery and was adopted shortly thereafter!



Taylor the beagle was the victim of a hit and run in a local neighborhood in early June 2021. He was taken in by some caring neighbors who surrendered him to PARL due to his worsening condition. He has pelvic and jaw fractures on the left side of his body. In order to give him the best chance, he needed surgery to stabilize the pelvis and jaw. With this procedure, he would be likely to have fewer long-term complications, and less pain over time. It was a long road for Taylor but thanks to Betsy's Fund supporters, he got the surgery and post-op care he needed. He was adopted in September 2021.  


Jax, a super sweet senior pup, was surrendered to PARL and rushed to emergency care in August 2021 for a bladder blockage. He received a cystotomy surgery due to multiple bladder stones seen on x-ray. His best friend at PARL, named Buddy, waited patiently for him to recover before they were both adopted together in September 2021. 



Doloris came to PARL as a transfer from animal control. She had a large-sized tumor on her belly and severe skin and ear infections. The tumor was biopsied and removed (with some help from our friends at Handsome Dan's Rescue). Thankfully, it turned out to be a benign tumor! In addition, Doloris was fighting a number of ear and skin infections. After loving care in a foster home, Doloris was adopted with help from our friends at Handsome Dan's Rescue in October 2021.

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Titus was surrendered to PARL in April 2021 and needed Entropion surgery to correct the condition that was causing his eyelashes to grow inward toward his eyes. His surgery went smoothly and he was adopted in June 2021.



Takkun was a very sweet and friendly senior cat who was surrendered in early May 2021. He was suffering from diabetes complications and spent several weeks receiving supportive care in a loving foster home after he went into sepsis and spent several nights in emergency care. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to sweet Takkun when he took a turn for the worse and his body began to shut down. We send thanks to all who helped make Takkun's last chapter one filled with love and kindness. 



This 7-year-old longhaired cat was surrendered to PARL by his previous owner in early April 2021. We quickly discovered that he was in deteriorating health. A thorough exam revealed a severely impacted colon and needed emergency treatment. In an attempt to avoid what would be an invasive procedure, the he stayed for several days at an emergency clinic to receive fluids and alternative treatments. 



Diamond, who is 3-years-old, was suffering from a urinary tract infection that was not resolving. Turns out, Diamond had a very large kidney stone and needed surgery to remove it. Unfortunately, as can sometimes happen, Diamond suffered complications following the surgery. Her incision became infected and created an abscess causing her to develop a septic abdomen. We rushed her to an emergency clinic where she underwent her second surgery. After several weeks of recovery, and over $4,000 in medical bills, Diamond was adopted in April 2021.




Just under a year old, Flash was surrendered to PARL in March of 2021. During his routine physical exam, Flash was discovered to have an abscess on the left side of his face that need to be drained. He needed several rounds of antibiotics and warm compresses daily to help the abscess drain properly and heal.




This weeks-old puppy was brought to PARL in mid-January 2021 in serious condition. He was rushed to an emergency vet and for the next month, spent time in a foster home with a vet tech. His condition never fully stabilized and on the morning of Feb. 19, 2021, Opossum crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Donations received for his care helped cover his medical bills and went on to help other animals through Betsy's Fund. 

Light brown pit bull with a white chest, cropped ears, and a black collar


Cabbage arrived at PARL underweight and symptomatic. At nearly 11 years old, we ran several diagnostic tests and determined he was likely in the very early stages of kidney disease. We believed that he still deserved a loving family. In early April of 2021, he found that loving family! 

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Sophie was surrendered to PARL because her former family could no longer afford her care. Sophie suffered from chronic and very serious ear infections and needed a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) surgery to finally be relieved of infection and pain. She underwent surgery in early January 2021 and is doing well!

An orange and white cat with a bandaged foot

Tommy the Triumphant

Tommy was found as a stray during the summer of 2020. He had sores on his paws and was severely dehydrated. Supporters of Betsy's Fund rallied around him to help us cover the expensive vet care bills. After several weeks of specialized care, Tommy was ready for adoption and is currently living his best life with his new family.