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Spay/Neuter Services

Spay/Neuter Services (Updated 4/13/2021)

Thank you for your interest in Providence Animal Rescue League's Spay/Neuter Services. We are currently working from an extensive waitlist for our community spay/neuter services. The waitlist is several months long at this time.

If you previously filled out the online form, please be assured that your name is on the waitlist and we will contact you using the information you provided a few weeks in advance of a potential surgery appointment to confirm your availability. If you are newly interested in our spay/neuter program and did not fill out the online form previously, please continue to check back on this page as we will reopen applications in the coming weeks when new appointments are available.  

Thank you!


Dog Spay/Neuter
(Includes routine vaccines, e-collar, and pain medication)

  • 3-20lbs = $200 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $125)
  • 21-50lbs = $225 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $150)
  • 51-75lbs = $250 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $175)
  • 76-100lbs = $300 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $200)

Cat Spay/Neuter
(Includes routine vaccines, e-collar, pain medication and dose of Advantage Multi)

  • 3lbs or more = $90 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $65)

Rabbit Spay/Neuter

  • $150


Possible extra charges may be applied for the following situations:

  • Hernia repair = $30
  • Cryptorchid surgery = $50

Other Services that you may add to your appointment at time of booking:

  • FELV/FIV Combo Test = $30
  • Heartworm Test = $30
  • Microchip = $20