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Spay/Neuter Services

Spay/Neuter Services (Updated 3/31/22)

Thank you for your interest in Providence Animal Rescue League's Spay/Neuter Services.

Please call 401-421-1399 x204 to leave a message for our spay/neuter clinic. You will be contacted within 7 days by a member of our surgery team to discuss availability and schedule a spay/neuter appointment for your pet.

At this time, we are only able to accommodate dogs and cats. We hope to be able to resume rabbit spay/neuter later this year.

EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2022: We have all felt the impact of national supply shortages and rising costs associated with food, medicine, energy, transportation, and labor. As a result, new pricing for our services went into effect on April 1, 2022. Fees are also changing for services provided to local Animal Control Agencies and rescue groups. If you are a representative for an ACO or rescue group, please contact us to learn more about our services and pricing. 



Dog Spay/Neuter
(Includes routine vaccines, e-collar, and pain medication)

  • Under 50lbs = $240 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $150)
  • Over 50lbs = $275 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $200)

Cat Spay/Neuter
(Includes routine vaccines, e-collar, pain medication and dose of Advantage Multi)

  • 3lbs or more = $100 (With proof of state or federal assistance: $75)


Possible extra charges may be applied for the following situations:

  • Hernia repair = $50
  • Cryptorchid surgery = $75

Other Services that you may add to your appointment at time of booking:

  • FELV/FIV Combo Test = $30
  • Heartworm Test = $30
  • Microchip = $20
  • Rabies Vaccine= $20
  • Nail Trim= $15