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Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Providence Animal Rescue League is committed to helping animals and the people who love them. The work of our volunteers are essential to our efforts. Volunteers help care for animals, assist the community through free and affordable local events, and spread the word about our vital work. Our volunteers not only make a difference to PARL, but to the entire Rhode Island community.


PARL is not currently accepting any new volunteers for in-shelter animal care positions. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we catch up on orientations and training for the most recent group of new volunteers. Please check this page regularly to see when we have in-shelter animal care volunteer positions available again. Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please complete email

Have some time one or more mornings a week to help with laundry and washing dishes? These tasks are vital in keeping animals happy, healthy, and comfortable. (This is also a great way to get to know our staff team and many shelter routines prior to in-shelter animal care volunteer opportunities opening up again in the future.)

Assist community members at our Pet Food Pantry during open hours and/or help pack and prepare food and distribution kits.

Help with assorted building projects as needed (may include painting, cleaning, and light carpentry work; and/or help keep our grounds clean and tidy through leaf removal, shoveling, weeding, and landscaping).




donate items to help animals

  • Organize a donation drive in your neighborhood or office and collect items from our Wish List 
  • Clean out your pantry and linen closets and donate items you may not be using:
    • Clean towels of all sizes
    • Clean pillow cases and flat sheets
    • Cans of baby food (meat flavors), tuna fish, canned green beans/carrots (no salt added), or peanut butter
  • Save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls and empty tissue boxes and bring them to PARL. We'll use them to make interactive toys and enrichment activities for dogs, cats, and small animals.

Get crafty and make toys for cats, dogs, and small animals

Grow and Donate Cat Grass

  • Cat grass is nutritionally beneficial for cats and they enjoy eating it. Visit your local pet store and ask about cat grass seeds or growing kits. Once you grow a container of cat grass, you can donate to our shelter cats.

Make a Cat Octopus

  • Choose a few fabric strips for the toy
  • If desired, sprinkle a bit of cat nip in the middle of one strip and fold over
  • Tie the rest of the strips around it to secure the cat nip, making an octopus-like shape

Make a Braided Rope Toy for Dogs

  • Choose one bundle of strips of fabric.
  • Separate it into three equal parts.
  • Begin to braid these parts as tightly as possible so the toy is sturdy.
  • Thread on tennis balls where desired.
  • Braid until the toy is slightly longer than your desired length and tie the strands in a knot.

Make Toys from Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls

raise money to fuel our mission and programs

  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit PARL
  • Ask for donations to PARL in honor of your birthday, wedding, or special occasion. 
  • If you own your own business, consider running a special campaign in which you donate a portion of the proceeds for a selected product or time frame to PARL


Questions? Contact us at