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Staff Directory

Rebecca Baylies, M.S.

Executive Director

401-421-1399 x209

Abby Waite

Business Manager

401-421-1399 x207

Rachel Snider

Community Engagement Manager

401-421-1399 x213

Beth Nassef, CPDT-KA

Director of Operations

401-421-1399 x205

Scout Clode, IAABC-ADT

Animal Care and Intake Manager

401-421-1399 x221

Karen Perez

Client and Animal Care Coordinator

401-421-1399 x201

Ashley Acevedo Velez

Community Engagement Coordinator

401-421-1399 x215

Greta Del Bonis

Small Animal Coordinator

401-421-1399 x208

Claire Shamgochian

Dog Coordinator

401-421-1399 x216

Callie Wohlgemuth

Cat Coordinator

401-421-1399 x218

Samantha Drown

Animal Care/Adoption Specialist

Mila Kitterman

Animal Care/Adoption Specialist

Marcus Montijo

Animal Care/Adoption Specialist

Haley Stamp

Animal Care/Adoption Specialist & Medical Assistant

Kendall Polansky, DVM

Director of Shelter Medicine

Cait Mello

Shelter Medicine Coordinator

401-421-1399 x203

Aubrey Messier

Surgery Technician

Teyahna Heath

Medical Assistant & Animal Care/Adoption Specialist

Tarah Mello

Medical Assistant

Katelyn Moura

Medical Services Assistant

Emilie Wachtel, CVT

Medical Services Assistant