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Lost & Found Assistance

Found a stray or lost pet?

There are steps you can take to help get the pet back safely with his/her family!

  1. If the pet has ID tags, call the contact info on the tag to reach the owner directly.
  2. If there is a microchip tag, call the 1-800 number on the tag to speak to the microchip provider.
  3. Call the local Animal Control Department.
    • If you found the animal in Providence, call Providence Animal Control at 401-243-6040 OR call the non-emergency Providence Police Department phone line at 401-272-3121 and dial 0.
  4. Use Petco Love Lost - It uses facial recognition to reunite lost pets with their owners. 

Lost your pet?

The sooner you take action to locate your pet, the better!

    • As soon as you notice your pet is missing, look for him/her first inside and outside of your house. Your pet may be in a closet, a dark corner, or even inside bulky furniture and other small places. Try making cues that usually interest your pet (i.e.: opening the dog food container or jingling a favorite toy).
    • Go door to door in your neighborhood and let your neighbors know your pet is missing. Sometimes, pets may hide in a neighbor’s garage or have found an open window and may be hiding or accidentally locked in a basement or shed etc.
  3. Use Petco Love Lost
    • Petco Love Lost uses facial recognition to reunite lost pets with their owners. 
    • Call/email all local animal shelters, veterinarians, pet stores, animal service businesses, park workers, local city Public Works Department (DPW), and state highway departments to report your missing pet. You should also bring them a flyer to post. 
    • Send emails to friends, family, and coworkers on your email list and ask them to pass on the info to anyone in the area.
    • Post messages and pictures on message boards and forums relevant to your location.
    • Place an ad in the local paper. Some papers will run lost and found messages in the classified sections for free or at a low cost.
    • If your pet is microchipped, contact the company where your microchip is registered and let them know you pet is missing. Oftentimes, microchip companies maintain a database of animal care businesses etc. where they can send a missing pet alert. You'll also want to be sure your contact information in association with the microchip is up to date.
    • Make flyers to hand out and post around the area with your pet’s picture and a description:
      • Use large and clear font that can be easily read.
      • Be sure to include a telephone number that somebody will answer or that has voicemail.
      • If you chose to offer a reward, use caution in responding to people who claim to have found your pet
      • Ask businesses if you can post a flyer in their store (retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and grocery stores etc.

    Reminder: When you find your lost pet, remember to take down flyers, update websites, and call people to let them know the good news!

Loss Prevention

There are many ways you can keep your pet safe and sound!

  1. Make sure your pet has some form of identification on them at all times
    • A collar and an ID tag with your direct contact information is the most effective way for your pet to find their way home.
    • We also recommend a microchip as a back-up form of identification. If you’d like to get a microchip for your pet, please attend one of our regular low-cost vaccine/microchipping clinics.
  2. Be prepared and ready to search for your pet in an emergency by registering with Petco Love Lost today. It's a free service and uses facial recognition software to reunite lost pets with their owners. Create your account now so you are prepared in case your pet gets lost.

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