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The LEAP Fund at Providence Animal Rescue League is designed to help dogs, cats, and small animals get from there! We believe that every animal in our care deserves individualized attention to meet their unique physical, emotional, and behavioral needs. Supporters of the LEAP Fund help animals thrive while awaiting adoption and empower adopters so they're equipped with the skills and tools needed to support their new pet.

LEAP Fund Priorities:

  • Provide vital enrichment activities to support emotional and mental wellbeing of animals: 
    • Interactive toys and treats for shelter animals
      • Examples include: interactive feeders, stuffed Kongs, snuffle mats for small animals, puzzle games etc.
    • Supplies to reduce stress and promote relaxation
      • Examples include: scent therapy, music enrichment, visual and mental engagement etc.

  • Build life skills and support behavioral needs for animals:
    • Training classes, basic obedience, and skill-building for shelter animals prior to adoption
      • Examples include: in-shelter training/consultations, training classes etc.
    • Vouchers for post-adoption training or behavioral support (may be required as part of adoption depending on animal's needs)

  • Ensure animals have access to required supplies needed to thrive based on their individual needs: 
    • Specialized equipment and tools to enhance an animal's safety and wellbeing in shelter and post-adoption
      • Examples include: special walking harnesses, climbing cat trees, scratching posts, special litter boxes, small animal housing modifications etc.
    • Resources, learning opportunities, and information sharing with adopters or pet parents in the community to support pet retention and transitions into the home. 
    • Post-adoption consultation and support by PARL staff as needed.
      • Professional development and training opportunities for staff and volunteer team members are required to ensure continued learning and skill-building in behavioral and emotional support practices.

The LEAP Fund is an essential program dedicated to helping animals thrive. However, expenses add up quickly and our ability to provide resources, tools, and supplies is dependent on support from individuals like you!

With a donation to our LEAP Fund, you will help animals find joy and contentment so they can put their best 'paw' forward while in our care and in their new home!


To ensure your gift is earmarked for LEAP Fund, please select 'LEAP Fund' from the drop down menu  on the giving form.

Examples of Animals Helped Through LEAP Fund

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Rylo was surrendered to PARL in April of 2022 at about a year and a half old. In addition to extensive skin allergies that caused her great discomfort, Rylo's stress and anxiety was evident. She had behavioral challenges with hyperarousal and resource guarding that would require much skill and patience to overcome. Thanks to PARL's LEAP Fund, Rylo and her foster family started to work with a professional trainer and made incredible progress over many months of consistent effort. She was adopted in May of 2023 to a loving family where she is happily living her best life! 


Community Cat Room

Oliver & Raja

This pair of senior cats was surrendered to PARL in early 2021. Both needed extensive dental surgeries and teeth cleaning. Raja was diagnosed with ocular melanoma and underwent surgery to remove his eye. These medical conditions meant they would have an extended stay in our care prior to adoption. Thankfully, PARL's new Community Cat Housing Room provided plenty of space and enrichment for these cats to explore and enjoy. They also got to interact with other cats in the community room. This space is a permanent part of our animal housing now and supplies for this room are funded in part through the LEAP Fund.


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Pinky was surrendered to PARL in October of 2020. He was just about a year old and had already had several homes and experienced some trauma along the way. Pinky was fearful of men and strangers and does not like other dogs or animals. When people he didn't know walked by his kennel, he would growl and run to the back and cower. Thanks to PARL's LEAP Fund, Pinky started to work with a professional trainer and over the course of many months, became more confident and showed great improvement. He was adopted in May 2021 and benefited from additional training sessions post-adoption thanks to PARL's LEAP Fund.