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PARL's New Van is Going Places!

A New Van = New Horizons

Last year, our 2010 Ford Transit Connect van spent more time in the shop that it did in use. At nearly 13 years old, it was time for a larger, safer, and more reliable van. A new van was a critical necessity in making progress toward and achieving all of our strategic goals.

In specific, the new van will allow us to: 

  • Transport supplies and personnel to under-served neighborhoods, providing Preventative Vet Care Clinics and distributing free pet food & pet supplies -- helping pets and their people thrive together.
  • Safely drive animals to emergency veterinary hospitals or off-site veterinary appointments.
  • Support the expansion of PARL's community outreach and education efforts - a critical step in connecting community members of all ages with with vital services and information.
  • Provide safe and reliable transportation for picking up large donations, supplies, and purchases to benefit PARL animals and community support programs.

Meet Our New Van

Thanks to partial funding support from The Champlin Foundation and Petco Love, along with lead sponsorships by local businesses, Chaffee Industrial Roofing and Adler's Design Center and Hardware, we purchased a new 2023 Ford Transit Cargo Van in June! This van is large enough for our staff team to stand up inside of (perfect for preventative vet care clinics), is fully equipped with key safety features, and happens to already be the perfect shade of "PARL Blue"!

At the end of this year, we will be finalizing the wrap for the van to include names/logos of participating sponsors.  Sponsorship funding will help fuel the growth of critical programs relying on the van for maximum impact. Will you join us?


Van Wraps are Impressive - and in More Ways than One!

Draft_VanSideFrontThis opportunity offers your business an exceptional and affordable way to maximize advertising impressions and proudly declare your support for critical animal care programs and outreach efforts in Providence, greater Rhode Island, and beyond! Van wraps provide:

  • Extremely cost effective advertising impressions!.
  • Ability to reach multiple markets, accrue countless impressions, and be viewed by thousands of people each and every time we drive the van. 
  • Consumer-friendly advertising that is unobtrusive and generates purposeful leads and name recognition.
  • Easy advertising! Our van will spend many hours sitting in Providence traffic and travelling thousands of miles over the next several years (mostly along the Route 95 corridor). It will also be parked in highly visible areas including our parking lot and offsite events.