Adoption Programs

Adoption Programs

With all of our adoptions, PARL strives to make the best possible matches, not only for our animals, but for their prospective families. These adoption programs highlight a variety of circumstances where we wanted to bring a little extra attention to their individual needs.

PARL Pals Program

Some animals, like people, just belong together. PARL Pals are pets that may have lived together all of their lives or maybe they just bonded during their stay at our shelter. Either way, we just can’t bear to see them separated! It’s our hope that a special adopter will feel the same way as we do and adopt them together. To make the deal even sweeter, we’ve made their adoption fees a 2-for-1 deal! Visit our Animals Available for Adoption to see if there's any Pals available today!

Life Enrichment Animal Program (LEAP)

The shelter environment can be stressful for many animals. For many it can be either over or under stimulating. Some animals come into the shelter with behavior issues than can be corrected or managed if the proper resources are available. Adopters also need tools and training to ensure they have everything they need to form a strong bond with their new companion animal. LEAP is a special fund designated to assist with the behavioral care of animals both in the shelter and after adoption. Donations made to LEAP can help us provide toys and products aimed at reducing stress while animals are in the shelter. Having these resources can truly enhance an animal’s experience in the shelter. Funds can also be used to purchase training packages or crates for adopted animals. Make a Donation to support LEAP today!

Cat Companion Program

At PARL we have some cats that would love to go to a home with another feline friend. These shy cats are looking for kitty companions that can give them the patience, love and extra attention they need to thrive in a home. For these sweet cats, it is feline affection they seek out most of all. Sometimes kitties need a partner in crime to help show them the ropes around a new home. This program helps our shy cats’ blossom with their companion cat in an adoptive home. If you are interested in learning more about this program, email

Barn Cat Program

Although PARL strives to adopt cats as indoor companions we realize that not every cat fits perfectly into this model. There is a wide range of personalities among cats. Some cats that would be deemed unadoptable as indoor companions would be perfectly happy living as a Barn Cat. PARL’s Barn Cat Program targets these specific cats. If you are interested in learning more about this program, email

Pets For Seniors Program

We offer senior adopters (60 yrs or older) an opportunity to adopt a pet at a discounted fee. Any animal that is 6 yrs of age or older is a $50 off adoption fee. Any animal that is 5 yrs of age or younger is a $30 off adoption fee. Visit our Animals Available for Adoption today!